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Windows 10-12 The twelve apostles beneath the articles of the creed: note the Prince of Wales feathers in the small lights.

Window 10

From left to right: 1. St Peter with keys beneath 'I believe in one God maker of Heaven and Earth).

2. St Andrew with cross.

3. St James with scallop and pilgrim shoes.

4. St John exorcising the poisoned chalice.

Window 11

From left to right: 1. St Thomas with spear and book.

2. St James the Less with club.

3. St Philip with cross.

4. St Bartholomew with knife and book.

Window 12

From left to right: 1. An apostle, intended to be St Matthew with cross-staff.

2. St Simon with saw and book.

3. St Judas Thaddeus with cakes.

4. St Matthias with halberd and clasped book.

Note - the lights were restored about 1861.

Window 13: Four Latin Doctors - Teachers of Faith

From left to right: 1. St Jerome (c.341-420) who produced the Vulgate version of the Bible. He is removing a thorn from a lion's paw.

2. Gregory the Great (c.540-604) As Pope he sent St Augustine to Kent in 597.

3. St Ambrose (339-397) Bishop of Milan

4. St Augustine (354-430) Bishop of Hippo, he holds his heart as a symbol of his devotion.

Note - in a small light above - St Apollonia, patron saint of dentists, with forceps holding a tooth).

Window 8

Light 3 St Ambrose

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