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Newspaper advertisements can sometimes be a useful source of local history information as well as providing unintended amusement! A search of The Times newspaper has revealed some interesting advertisements relating to Fairford.

Situations Wanted

16 May 1844

MEDICAL - A gentleman, MRCSL and LAC, wishes to obtain a situation as visiting and dispensing assistant, emoulement not being so much an object as the desire to see practice and obtain leisure for reading. Address to E. P. H., post-office, Fairford, Gloucestershire.

7 February 1846

WANTED, in a highly respectable school, in the country, a YOUNG LADY, about 18 years of age, to assist chiefly in the ciphering and writing departments. A knowledge of music and drawing would be desirable. The salary is small but the home comfortable. Address, with particulars, to Miss Iles, Fairford, Gloucestershire.

(This advertisement was for Miss Jane Ilesís private school on Park Corner, in the building that was recently occupied by the chemists.)

16 March 1854

FAIRFORD RETREAT, Fairford, Glocestershire. The above establishment has been successfully conducted upwards of 30 years. It has now a few vacancies for invalids of both sexes. Terms very moderate. Particulars to be obtained by application to Messrs Iles, the proprietors.

(This advert appeared in The Times on no less than 26 occasions between March 1854 and May 1857. Alexander Iles died in 1856 leaving his son Daniel to run The Retreat.)

18 December 1871

A thorough COOK WANTED, where the lady is her own housekeeper, for a large house in the country. Must understand ices and confectionery, and not be under 40. Liberal wages will be given to a trustworthy and competent person. The best references required. Address G. F. O. post-office, Fairford.

(One wonders just how many 40-plus ladies with a good understanding of ices and confectionery were available in 1871!)

2 November 1887

MAN-SERVANT. Age 30, height 5ft 9in. Good character. V. T. K., London Street, Fairford, Gloucestershire.

(The heights of servants were often given in advertisements. This may have been to fit the uniform provided. Does anyone know? If anyone has any creative suggestions please phone Alison on 711768 or send to fhs@cotswoldwireless.co.uk).

30 November 1909

WANTED, on Dec 15th, good single-handed COOK. Quiet country place. Write, stating age, wages, etc, to Mrs Thornton, Popeís Court, Fairford, Glos.

(Presumably single-handed cooks were cheaper to employ than those with the good fortune to have two hands!)

28 August 1946

WANTED in September, young teachers keen to organize their subjects from a cultural point of view and to take responsibility in a unique venture. (1) Science. (2) Mathematics. (3) History, to College Entrance. Mathematics and History to link with Science and Logical Reasoning. Research excursions on horseback. Alive people with the right sense of values who are imbued with loyalty, graciousness, a love of the country and tradition are looked for: good salaries and a good life are offered. Apply Headmistress.

(The Wings School opened in The Retreat, the location of todayís Coln House School, in 1944 but closed in 1949.)