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The Fairford History Society Archive

The online archive is a selection of material already catalogued for the Fairford Archive, some of the items are not in our collection but all have been seen and then recorded. When the Fairford Community Centre refurbishment is complete, FHS will have a space in which to store the Fairford Archive, where it will be accessible at pre-arranged times. At present any enquiries regarding material can be answered by contacting enquiry@fairfordhistory.org.uk.

Using the online archive

The online archive is ordered by subject - from Archaeology to Carnival & Festival to World War 2. New entries are constantly being added. As are the link pages.

The online archive can be scrolled through by clicking the page numbers at the bottom - there are 10 entries to a page.

Hovering the cursor over an entry in a cell enables you to see the whole entry for that cell. However it is recommended that you click on details at the end of the row for an easy to read view of the whole of the entry. Clicking on the link will take you to further information on that item.

If you wish to search for something, please type into the box before the Search box at the top right and then click Search. The results will be shown and can be accessed the same as the main archive table. Clicking on the Back button will return you to the main archive table.

View Archive and Search

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