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Newsletter No 5
July 2007

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Lizzy Farmor’s Edifying Circus is coming to town

For four nights (October 17th, 18th, 19th & 20th) you are invited to come along and see the story of the history of education in Fairford being told as acts within a circus show. St Mary’s Church will be transformed into the Big Top. We have clowns and School Inspectors, Pantomime Dames and the Grim Reaper, a magical train and a human cannon ball. There will be singing and dancing to original music, written and performed by the members of Farmor’s School Orchestra. This community play is being performed by and for the people of Fairford as part of the Fairford Community Project which is being funded by the Local Heritage Initiative. BK

It will be an amazing show!

Local Heritage Initiative
Community Play Logo Make sure you don’t miss it!

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Exciting finds in Fairford Community Centre

well First it was the well, unfortunately not able to be investigated although one wonders what would have been found at the bottom; then, when the full archaeological survey was undertaken the remains of two small buildings were revealed, believed to date to the 15th/16th Century. One, near to the High Street frontage, was only partially exposed and produced evidence of lead working debris.

Also discovered were fragments of 14th Century window glass, some still within their lead cames, believed to have originated from the early medieval church. It is thought that lead from the church was being recycled within the building, for re-use perhaps within the new church. Other finds also include the remains of a small square building near the church. It appears to contain the remains of a small kiln with fragments of ceramic building material and is thought to be a small workshop from the 15th Century. GCC

15th and 16th Century Buildings

2007 – 2008 events are:- 7.30 pm in Farmor’s School Business Centre
September 20th Hugh Dudley - Farmor’s School
October 17th- 20th Lizzie Farmor’s Edifying Circus in St Mary’s Church
November 15th Dr Andrew Warmington - God sent a Plague of Frogs to Fairford
February 21st 2008 Edwin Cuss
May 15th 2008 AGM

FHS Garden Party

On Saturday 26th May the FHS Vice-President David Perry kindly offered to host a Garden Party for FHS members in the lovely garden of his house ‘Colnside’ in Horcott Road, Fairford. The weather forecast was not promising for the Bank Holiday weekend but although it was not brilliant sunshine and it wasn’t that warm, the rain held off until packing-up time. Everyone was able to enjoy their preferred drink and a lovely selection of cakes donated by members in a wonderful setting by the River Coln.

Garden Party

Fairford, Manitoba – 10 years on

It is ten years since the 500-year anniversary celebrations of Fairford Church when the Pinaymootang (Fairford) First Nation visited Fairford, England. Archdeacon Abraham Cowley was born at Fairford, Gloucestershire on 8 April 1816. He was educated at Fairford Free School from 1821 to 1828. He was ordained by Bishop Mountain in Montreal on 7 March 1841, and spent a brief curacy at Chateauguay River near Huntington, Quebec. In 1842 he established a mission at Partridge Crop, now Fairford, Manitoba, where a church and school were built.

Street lighting comes to Fairford 1852
“At a Meeting of Inspectors present…Resolved that it is expedient to light the town with Gas and that this meeting be adjourned to 27th [Nov] inst when the Inspectors will meet the Shareholders of the Gas Company and endeavour to make arrangement with them for lighting the town with 25 Public Lamps or such other stanchions as may be determined upon.
[Signed] Robt Tovey, Robert Hayward, Charles James Price, Daniel Iles”

Membership Sept 07-Aug 2008
Members can join or renew at any meeting or by contacting Ian Westlake (712329) or by downloading a form from the FHS website and giving it to any committee member or handing it in at the FTC Office, 3 London Street . £3.00 p.a.
www.fairfordhistory.org.uk e-mail: fhs@cotswoldwireless.co.uk


All publications are available from fhs@cotswoldwireless.co.uk or by contacting the secretary 01285 711768

NEW is FHS monograph 2 - RAF Fairford 1944 by Brian Routledge price £4.00 RAF Fairford had a fairly brief life as an operational World War Two airfield, being active only for about eight months. However, during this time, it played its part in one of the most critical days of the entire war - D-Day, and what has subsequently been called a magnificent failure – Arnhem.

Fairford Now & Then

is part of the project funded by the Local Heritage Initiative which will culminate in the Community Play in October, Fairford History Society has published a book that illustrates the town today and it was over the last hundred years. Some places have changed partly or totally while others have hardly altered. We have particularly looked at education, the theme of the play. The editors have deliberately used black and white photographs for the modern period to avoid the unflattering contrast between a past which is ‘a sepia tinted exercise in nostalgia’ and a present which is in glorious Technicolor. The book provides a stimulus to look afresh at places and buildings and institutions in Fairford and see how their present relates to the past. Price £5.00

Fairford Now and Then Book

Have you got your copy?

Now available: Fairford Parish Church, a medieval Church and its Stained Glass. A revised ed. of Life Death and Art. £19.99 ISBN 0978-07509-4692-6

FHS Committee

Keith Cottam (Chair) 711054, Brian Routledge (Vice Chair), Alison Hobson (Secretary) 711768 Geoff Hawkes (Treasurer) 712053, Ian Westlake (Membership) 712329, Margaret Bishop (FCC rep) Lesley Pincombe (Group Coordinator), John Read (IT, Maurice Jones (FTC rep)