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Newsletter No 8
January 2009
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Fairford Silver Band

Fairford Silver Band

The picture above was taken outside the Infants School after a successful 1934-35 season. Second on left back row is A Cuss, his father on bass right hand front row. Behind the table left Mr Tozer ( Secretary), Mr Young (Chairman) Mr A J Cook (conductor), Mr A Cook senior third right of middle row between Mr Reg Tranter and Dick May trombone. Mr Alfred Shakespeare left in the middle row.

Sadly, Fairford Silver Band has had to disband after 105 years – the band is a part of Fairford’s heritage and some of you may remember the centenary celebrations in 2003.

The Band started in 1903. Mr Churchman became the first Bandmaster at the request of Colonel Palmer who generously supplied the instruments. The Band prospered and started to enter local contests with some success. It was restarted in 1920 after the War with Mr Lionel Adams and Mr S Alderman as successive bandmasters. Mr Horace Baldwin, the builder, was largely responsible for the inauguration of the band contests which were so successful at the Carnivals held in Fairford Park.

In 1935 Mr A J Cook was appointed bandmaster and served until 1953. The 60s and 70s were probably the most successful era of the Band as it took part in contests all over the country as well as at carnivals and fetes. In 1997 the band were equipped with smart new uniforms with the help of a legacy. However, with a change of education policy and the players leaving the town it has not been possible to keep it going.

The photo right shows the band on an Armistice parade in the mid 1960s, crossing the town bridge. The three little boys in their duffel coats are posed as if in a Victorian photograph.

The Silver Band has passed its memorabilia to Fairford History Society for preservation in the Archive Room. There are many photographs and press cuttings of the band over the years. These now have a permanent home and will be available for viewing. The Archive Room is open from 2-4 pm on Monday afternoons and at other times by arrangement with the FHS Secretary.

2008-9 meetings in the Farmor Room, Fairford Community Centre
February 19th The Corinium Museum Collections from Claydon Pike and Thornhill Farm by Emma Stuart, Outreach Officer
June 18th AGM Edwin Cuss
September 17th and November 19th

The Armistice Parade

Resources for Family Historians

Julie Parker, a member of the FHS Committee is running a 6 week WEA course on this topic at the Westwood Centre, Northleach on Mondays afternoons from 2-3.30 pm, from January 19th. If you are interested please call Julie on 01285 720583.

Fairford and the Ashmolean Museum

If you want to see artefacts from Fairford's Anglo-Saxon cemetery you will have to wait a while. W M Wylie who wrote the book 'Fairford Graves' in 1852 gave his collection to the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford. The museum has been partially shut for a while and it is now completely closed till November 2009. A huge refurbishment programme has been taking place and the new galleries promise to be splendid. As soon as it re-opens do go and see what they have done with the Fairford collection.

Reflooring St Mary's

At the time of writing there are large holes at the front of the nave and along the south wall of St Mary's. These will be filled and flagstones laid over a wide area. Target completion date is Palm Sunday. The holes make it possible to examine some of the structure such as how the columns are underpinned and the foundations for the tower A photographic record is being kept. One or two items of interest have turned up, one being a fragment of a memorial stone. The name Samuel can be read and another name is probably Mary. Unfortunately the date is not on this piece. It is also of interest to see the complicated interventions of more recent times for heat, power and water.

1911 Census

This census is now online at www.nationalarchives.gov.uk/1911census or www.1911census.co.uk.

FHS Monograph 4 – The Oldisworths of Fairford.

William Oldisworth was Fairford’s Justice of the Peace in the late 17th Century and was a central figure in the bizarre tale of the plague of frogs, toads and flies that visited the town in 1660 following the discrimination faced by a group of religious non-conformists. This monograph tells the story of William, his father Robert whose brother-in-law was murdered in the Tower of London, his clergymen brothers, one of whom died of the plague, and his descendants, the last of whom was still living in Fairford at the end of the 18th Century. This monograph adds some fascinating details to Fairford’s history and provides the background to the four excellently preserved memorial plaques to the Oldisworth family that can still be seen in St Mary’s Church in Fairford.

All FHS publications are available from fhs@cotswoldwireless.co.uk or by contacting the secretary on 01285 711768. They are also on sale at St Mary’s Church, Fairford and at the Community Centre, Archive Room.

Cotswolds at War

June Lewis-Jones has been asked for a 2nd edition of ‘The Cotswolds at War’. She would like to include additional information. If anyone has any photographs or memories they would like included, not necessarily from Fairford but the whole Cotswolds area, please contact June Tel 01285 712312.

Parish Registers

The task of transcribing parish registers from 1617 is now almost complete and will be available to search in the Archive Room very soon. This will make local family searches much more accessible and less time consuming. The project has been conducted in co-operation with Gloucestershire Archives which made the microfiche/film available to us and GA will also have a copy of the files.

The Committee 2008-2009

Officers: Geoff Hawkes (Chair) 712053, Brian Routledge (Vice Chair), Alison Hobson (Secretary) 711768, Gill Compton (Treasurer), Ian Westlake (Membership) 712329, Margaret Bishop (FCC rep), John Read (IT), Maurice Jones (FTC rep), Chris Hobson, Julie Parker.

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