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Historical Topics Related To Fairford

RAF Fairford 1944 A Momentous Year

The Squadrons were working up to D-Day...

The War Memorial And Roll Of Honour

Fairford's war memorial stands within the graveyard of St Mary's Church.

John Keble

If you know Oxford, you may know Keble College, his memorial. But who was he?...

Fairford Railway

A 14 mile stretch of railway between Witney and Fairford which was opened on January 15th 1863

St Mary's Church

There has been a church at Fairford since at least 1125.

The Church Windows

No other parish church in the land has retained a complete set of late medieval stained glass windows.

The Roman Cemetery

On Friday 23rd June 2006 nine members of the FHS were given a guided tour of the recently-discovered archaeological site near Fairford...

Fairford Mill

There has been a mill in Fairford since Medieval times.

19th Century population dynamics of Fairford

According to the census figures, Fairford's peak year in the 19th Century was 1851 with a total of 1,859, a figure not matched again until 1971

Archaeology at the Community Centre

Archeological excavations in Fairford have unearthed the remains of buildings from the 14th and 15th centuries.

Farmor's School

The school opened as Fairford Free School on 24th. November 1738. The building cost £543.8s....

Archaeology at Horcott

Iron Age, Roman and Saxon evidence suggests that the site was occupied from 400 BC to 800 AD.

The Polish Camp

The camp on land owned by the Ernest Cook Trust, was formerly the American Army's 32nd Field Hospital

The Thames Severn Canal

The Stroudwater Navigation opened in July 1779; construction of the Thames and Severn Canal started at the western end in 1783.