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Monthly Archives: July 2006

Fairford Festival 2006

Saturday June 3rd 2006

FHS had a local history display in the marquee showing some of the work we have produced this year and material from the Fairford Archive. There was special interest in the display about the Honeybone watch making family of Fairford. As a result FHS Occasional Paper 2 has been publishedHistory Society Display

Roman Dig Visit

Friday June 23rd 2006

A group of FHS members were invited by Oxford Archaeology to visit the Roman dig at near Fairford at very short notice. The site covers three hectares) and was first identified as being of potential interest as far back as 1989 when a survey was done of the area which seems to have been inhabited from the early Bronze Age to Saxon times. There is clearly visible evidence of ditches surrounding the settlement, also 85 Roman burials some of high status, although not many grave goods were found. The site also shows evidence of a later Saxon settlement with a large number of grub huts which had sunken floors that were gradually filled after they were abandoned and can now be seen as areas of darker soil.