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Fairford Community Play, February 2007

The Fairford Community Play is progressing well. Steven Deproost, our author has now delivered the first draft of the play and it promises to be very entertaining, funny and informative. Without revealing to much we can tell you that it will be called ‘Lizzie Farmor’s Edifying Circus’ We are very grateful to Hugh Dudley, Nicky Clare, June Lewis and Colin Watkins for providing the research material for the project.

Farmor’s School are very actively involved in the play:

  • Barry Kilgariff will direct it
  • Tony Frewer will be the musical director
  • Steve Martin will be contributing a section which will be written and performed by his GCSE pupils.
  • Chris Roberts will handle publicity
  • Ivor Price will be in charge of Health and Safety – an important function in a play with such a large cast
  • Don and Barbara Cobbett will be producing the souvenir programme
  • Keith Cottam and Geoff Hawkes will be writing a book entitled ‘Fairford Now and Then’

In the near future Barry will start the process of casting so budding Thespians should keep an eye and ear out if they want to take part. At the same time we will be approaching people to help with all the vital behind the scenes activities such as scenery, stage management and so on. We are very grateful for the assistance of FADS in the planning of the production and we look forward to their members helping us in both acting and behind the scene roles.

The souvenir programme will have lots of information about the original Farmor’s School (now the Community Centre) and the book entitled ‘Fairford Now and Then’ will be for sale in late spring and will contain lots of fascinating facts and photographs about Fairford, including the old school. We also plan to have a DVD of the production made which will be available in October.

As you can see our aim is to involve as many people in Fairford as possible. So, if you feel unable to help with the actual production don’t forget to come and see the play which will be staged in St Mary’s church from 17th – 19th October, 2007.