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A look at Fairford as it was and as it is
(72 pages. Over 100 black and white photographs). Price: £5.00

As part of the project funded by the Local Heritage Initiative which will culminate in the Community Play in October, Fairford History Society is publishing a book that illustrates the town today and it was over the last hundred years. Some places have changed partly or totally while others have hardly altered. We have particularly looked at education, the theme of the play.

The editors have deliberately used black and white photographs for the modern period to avoid the unflattering contrast between a past which is ‘a sepia tinted exercise in nostalgia’ and a present which is in glorious technicolour.

The book provides a stimulus to look afresh at places and buildings and institutions in Fairford and see how their present relates to the past.

London Street 1890. Reproduced by permission of English Heritage (NMR)

London Street 1890. Reproduced by permission of English Heritage (NMR)

  London Street 2007. Photograph by C. Hobson

London Street 2007. Photograph by C. Hobson





May 17th 2007: Third AGM and Fairford’s Railway

The Society held its third Annual General Meeting at the new venue of Fairford Primary School as the Community Centre is undergoing its refurbishment. The Chairman and Treasurer gave their reports after which the Committee was voted in for another year. The Treasurer divided his report into funds belonging to the Society and funds relating to the Local Heritage Initiative grant. He reported that, as far as the Society’s funds were concerned, expenditure had exceeded revenue and a vote was called for to increase subscriptions from £2.50 to £3. The vote was carried.

After the business meeting Colin Moulden gave a fascinating account of the Fairford Branch Line and its place in railway history. Well illustrated by some excellent photographs, many taken by Colin himself, the talk was very well received as it brought back many memories to some of the Fairfordians in the audience!

FHS Garden Party, 26th May 2007

On Saturday 26th May the FHS Vice-President David Perry kindly offered to host a Garden Party for FHS members in the lovely garden of his house ‘Colnside’ in Horcott Road, Fairford. The weather forecast was not promising for the Bank Holiday weekend but although it was not brilliant sunshine and it wasn’t that warm, the rain held off until packing-up time. Everyone was able to enjoy their preferred drink and a lovely selection of cakes donated by members in a wonderful setting by the River Coln.

David displayed some interesting mementos of Fairford’s past in his summer house – including an old iron gate from Perry’s butchers shop . A raffle was held thanks again to generous donations from members who also bought a lot of tickets with the result that about £88 was raised. David and Jane were presented with a bunch of flowers and a triptych of images of ‘Colnside’ taken at different times of year taken by the FHS photographer as a ‘thank you’ for giving members an opportunity to view the property in its idyllic setting and being so helpful in hosting the event.

An old iron gate from Perry’s butchers shop

An old iron gate from Perry’s butchers shopGarden Party





David and Jane Perry