Fairford History Society

May 15th 2013: visit to Highnam Church and Highnam Court

We had a very enjoyable joint visit with the Friends of Fairford Church to see first Gambier Parry’s extraordinary church of the Holy Innocents and then on to Highnam Court with its fascinating gardens. We had the good fortune to select a day with improving weather that allowed us by mid-afternoon to sit outside in the sun enjoying afternoon tea. Highnam didn’t have a church of its own until Parry got the consent of the bishop to build from scratch a place that would express the values of the Oxford Movement. It was completed in 1851 within 21 months and Parry himself added the frescos. The church is not regularly opened – it is in an isolated position – so you can’t casually drop in when in the area. However, both the church and the court are usually open on the first Sunday in the month in summer. The church is increasingly used for concerts while the court welcomes organised groups.

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