Fairford History Society

FHS 2016-2017

Chairman’s report from the AGM, June 2017

The membership of Fairford History Society currently numbers 147 which is a very healthy total. Indeed if we tried to get all of them together in the Farmor Room of the Community Centre it would be impossible. The main activity for members is the monthly meeting which usually takes the form of a lecture. It can for a change be something else like ‘Show and tell’ session modelled on the much loved primary school activity which allows members to explore a topic that interest them. We are fortunate that there are members willing and able to lecture to the assembled company. This last year included Colin Moulden on ‘Long lost local railways’ and Margaret Bishop on ‘Hidden portraits in the stained glass of St Mary’s. These were in addition to Edwin Cuss’s regular illustrated talk on the past of Fairford people and places.

These lectures have been supplemented by a number of publications that have appeared this year. John Read has been very industrious writing on several aspects of the church. The production has been of a very high standard as has the twice-yearly Fairford Flyer. One of the most entertaining documents has been Reminiscences of David Perry with one or two other contributors. Chris Hobson is planning an expanded version to the Fairford War Memorial book which was published in 2005, so much more information is available now. This will be published by November 2018.

So as you can see lectures are only part of our activities. One major demanding aspect of FHS’s work is responding to requests for information that come in from anywhere and everywhere. Most of such requests are handled by Alison. They are often interesting but it is of their nature that they are are frequently time-consuming. The spread of the British Empire alerts us to the fact that British people have ended up ins so many different parts of the world. Certainly there are Fairfordians to be in many countries and with stories to tell of how they ended up where they did, The internet has provided a much easier way to maintain global contacts than any of the older means of communication.

To sum up: there are opportunities for more members to get involved in the society’s activities. I thin you might find this rewarding and interesting. It is a way of increasing your knowledge of how our ancestors in the town lived and how they came to settle in distant lands. We would also like to recruit one or more members to join the committee for many years and there will be a warm welcome for any of you disposed to join our ranks. We still tend to think of ourselves as a new, young society but we are now entering maturity and we need to develop accordingly.

Two events coming up are a Heritage Day on September 9th and September 14 “Craftsman’s art and music’s measure” the making and playing of medieval instruments illustrated by David Hatcher and Alan Crumpler in St Mary’s church, Fairford at 2.30pm.

All the Committee members were re-elected.