From Fairford Parish Council minutes

March 24 1915

The Council were requested to arrange some distinctive signal to warn the inhabitants of the approach of hostile Aircraft, should the place be visited by an Aircraft raid. Mr. E. B. Chew proposed & Mr. Baldwin seconded that the signal should be two of the Church bells rung together, provided the consent of the Vicar & Churchwardens were obtained for the purpose.

April 21 1915 Annual Parish Meeting

The Clerk stated that the Vicar & Churchwardens had given their consent for two of the Church bells to be rung together as a signal of the approach of hostile Aircraft.

In September 1915 it was proposed that the bell ringing should be “discontinued during the period of the War; as there is a general feeling that it sounds out of place during these troublous times.”

However, Canon Carbonell was not impressed with this request and said he was not aware of any legislation against bell-ringing. There had been a sharp exchange of letters!