Fairford Doctors for the Army

Two of the four Fairford doctors have joined the Royal Army Medical Corps, vis., Dr. H Bloxsome, senior and Dr Harold Scawin. Dr Bloxsome retired from his professional duties some years ago, and transferred his business to his son, Dr Harold R. Bloxsome. He is a very clever surgeon, and occasionally rendered assistance to his son and to other medical gentlemen in the district, and especially at the Fairford Cottage Hospital, in which institution he took a keen interest. Dr Bloxsome’s large circle of friends are delighted that he, in spite of advancing years, is giving such practical proof of his patriotism by joining the Royal Army Medical Corps, where his skill will no doubt prove extremely useful to our soldiers and sailors. Dr King Turner has kindly consented to act for Dr Scawin during his absence.

Gloucestershire Echo May 24 1915

Dr [Charles] Harold Bloxsome was born in Sheffield, Yorkshire, in 1857. He came to Fairford in the early 1880s. He married Agnes Iles, the daughter of Dr Albert Iles in 1884. She died in 1911. Dr Bloxsome’s second marriage was to Eveline Rendell in July 1913. In 1915 he was 58 (his advancing years! – see above). He continued practising medicine right up to his death in 1928, age 70

Dr Harold Willis Scawin qualified in 1909 and served with the RAMC in France. He returned to Fairford and in 1919 he was living in Tudor House, Fairford and died in 1957 in Bristol.