Fairford Schools Logbooks May to December 1917


May 2

Canon Carbonell visited school on Monday morning and Miss Keble on Tuesday afternoon and tested registers. The District Nurse visited on May 1 and examined heads.

May 10

Received notice of Diocesan Inspection which is to be held on May 22 at 2pm.

May 17

District Nurse and a stranger visited this morning. They ordered H T to exclude Annie Bishop and Ethel Butler, said they were both unclean. Canon Carbonell visited on Wed afternoon, to say that a week’s holiday is to be given this Whitsuntide.

May 22

The Diocesan Inspector examined school on Religious Knowledge this afternoon from 2 to 3.30pm. Registers were not marked.

May 25

District Nurse visited again on Wed morning, the same two children were excluded.

Closed this afternoon for a week’s holiday.

June 8

Canon Carbonell visited on Monday morning. He tested registers. District Nurse visited on Tuesday June 5.

June 15

Attendance still poor. Some are hay making with their mothers, some are absent as the baby at home has whooping cough.District Nurse visited on Thursday June 15 but the 3 children she wanted to examine were absent (and always will be) therefore it was a waste of time.

June 22

District Nurse visited again today, but the children were still absent. Attendance very bad. Many children have bad coughs and colds, some call it whooping cough.

June 26

Canon Carbonell came in school this morning to enquire into numbers. Only 40 present out of 74 on books.

June 27

Canon Carbonell came in at 4pm with a message from Gloucester that the Infants School must be closed at once on account of the spreading of whooping cough.

July 16

Reopened school today 37 present this morning, 74 on books.

July 21

Canon Carbonell visited on Wednesday afternoon. F. Harvey Esq H M I came in at 1.40 on Friday and asked that a list of children of different ages be sent to him. The said list has been sent.

July 28

Miss E Hayes had leave on Tuesday last to visit Kempsford School at Mr Harvey’s command.

August 2

Canon Carbonell visited on Tuesday. Closed on Thursday noon for the usual Harvest Holiday.

September 10

Opened School this morning with a poor attendance. First class boys and girls have gone to the Endowed Schools.

September 17

Nine of the biggest children are still absent from school, now the excuse is ‘leasing’. It is simply

impossible for any teacher to teach them any thing those particular children are always absent with some paltry excuse or other.

September 28

Canon Carbonell visited on Wed morning.

Miss Hayes S T spent the day in Cirencester Endowed School on Thursday by order of Mr Harvey. Attendance a little better this week amongst the babies, but several of the bigger ones are still absent leasing or potato picking. Dr Green Medical Officer visited also at 12 noon on Thursday.

October 12

A holiday today to enable teachers to hear Mr Fisher speak at Gloucester. Canon Carbonell spent an hour in school on Thursday afternoon and tested Registers. Had 1/- wrong in bank corrected.

November 1

A half holiday on Wednesday owing to the room being wanted for two concerts in aid of the Red Cross funds.

November 16

Canon Carbonell visited on Wednesday and brought some papers from the L.E.A. Re the waste of coal, gas and water none of which apply here. Attendance poor still, any excuse does to keep children away from school. Three London air raid children have attended for a fortnight. Two have returned today.

November 20

Miss Hayes Student Teacher absent ill, ordered to bed by Doctor.

December 4

Miss Hayes still absent. Canon Carbonell visited on Friday afternoon. Mrs Arkell from the Laurels

brought in her little grandson on Friday morning to be “amused”. Attendance better for one week percentage reached 90 +.


Canon Carbonell visited on Tuesday and Wednesday and said “close on Thursday at 4pm for the usual two weeks Christmas Holidays. Miss Hayes still absent.


May 10

Miss Graves came to talk to the children on behalf of the great Food Campaign of the country and Mrs. Archer introduced the speaker and listened to the address.

June 12

Girls who asked permission were allowed to knit for soldiers instead of painting.

June 28

Number present this morning 57

Number “ “ afternoon 56

A few elder girls are away for their mothers to go out to work. 15 of the younger ones are ill with colds or whooping cough.

September 14

Only 51 girls present this afternoon. Many of them have gone to the cornfields to glean.

November 5

Admitted, this morning, five little girls from London.

December 13

The five little Londoners have now returned to London.


May 4

Attendance percentage 87.9, some boys away potato planting. We had a game of ‘yarkrik’ yesterday.

May 11

Hicks away ill. Garden 3 times this week as also last week to make up for lost time during the bad weather and also because no teacher for classroom. I have this year allowed any boy who wished to plant a double quantity of potatoes. Several took advantage of the offer.

May 31

School year ends average for year 68.1. We have been troubled with measles, scarlet fever, influenza and other diseases but only isolated cases just enough to occasion family exclusion for a time. This easily accounts for a drop in average.

June 4

Exactly 50% of the 1st class boys have left for work during the past year.

June 8-22

150 attendances lost through whooping cough

The drop in attendance because of whooping cough lasted until the middle of July.

July 27

Special lessons on potato spraying to upper standards, also the disease was explained

August 2

Vicar attended this morning, gave the prizes after which we dismissed for harvest vacation.

September 10

Miss Tozer left us when we broke up and enters Fishponds College this month. I wish to record here that she was a capital worker, liked by her pupils, a good disciplinarian and we were sorry to lose her. Miss Isherwood from the Girls School has taken her place.

September 14

Several boys away helping to get in the harvest crops, so percentage is low.

September 19

A few days ago Hoskins brought a potato weighing 2lb 5 oz and two others of 1lb 12 oz each

November 2

Admitted two East London boys yesterday. Here or a time ‘rais resting’. I am to admit 4 more on Monday next.

November 6

Nurse Taylor visited the school and examined the boys’ heads. Not one case found. She said it was the cleanest school she had visited.

November 16

On November 5 I admitted 6 boys from Poplar(London). They were were sent here to be away from raids etc. On the 13 last Tuesday 4 of these returned to London having been on my books 7 days only.

December 14

Attendance down this week. Davis and Laurence still away. Bartlett away ill. Last two raid scare boys returned to London on Tuesday last.

December 20

Dismissed this afternoon for Xmas vacation until January 8.