March 1916

From the Parish Magazine, March 1916

Alteration in the Hour of Evensong

In view of the new Police Regulations about lighting of Houses and Streets, the Vicar and Churchwardens have decided it would be best for the present to have Evensong on Sundays at 3pm instead of 6pm.

The 6 o’clock Evensong on Weekdays has been discontinued. The Intercession Service on Wednesday, March 1st will be at 5pm; and on March 8th the First Day of Lent, and on the following Wednesdays it will be at 6pm.

All this is very confusing, and we may hope that it will not last very long. As the days draw out it will not be necessary to continue these changes.

Meanwhile the congregation is requested to consult the Noticeboard in the Porch; the hours of various services are all given there.

Insurance against Air Raids

Now that the Zeppelins have shown that they are able to fly as far as Liverpool and back again to their base, the Churchwardens have wisely decided that they ought to insure the Church against Air Raids.

The ordinary Fire Insurance does not cover this risk, so an additional Insurance has to be taken out.

Our Archdeacon has also written to all Incumbents and Churchwardens in his archdeaconry advising them to insure. Mr T.J. Penson made the collection of which particulars are given below, and the whole Parish must needs be deeply grateful to him. The rate for this Insurance is 2s per cent, so that £11 10s collected has enabled him to take out a Policy for £11,500.