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FHS Committee 2023-24

Chair: Chris Hobson; Vice Chair: Syd Flatman, Secretary; Alison Hobson 01285 711768, Treasurer; Gill Compton,  Edwin Cuss, Joanna Petty, Dave Matthews, Margaret Bishop (FCC representative), Jennie Sanford  (FTC Representative)

Background to Fairford History Society

2019 update:

Since its foundation FHS has had a regular programme of meetings on all sorts of local history subjects. The FHS collection of local history material is located in the FHS Archive Room on the top floor of the Community Centre. FHS is always willing to receive donations of any document or object relating to Fairford’s history. Many publications have been published and are available as hard copies or online. Family and local history enquiries are researched for the public. FHS has close links with the Library Service and Gloucesterhire Archives and is a member of Gloucestershire Local History Association (GLHA).

The 2 Heritage Drop-in Days in January and May 2004 were an important part of the Audience Development Plan for the Heritage Lottery Grant application for the Fairford Community Centre. The Community Centre needs to appeal to as many people from as many walks of life as possible. It became clear at both these Drop-In Days that there is a great deal of interest in the history of Fairford throughout the ages, although much of it remained unrecorded. The setting up of a Fairford Archive was discussed to ensure that our heritage is preserved and not lost over the years.

As a result, a cheese and wine evening was organised to form the first ever Fairford History Society and to make plans for initiating a Fairford Archive.

Over 50 members were signed up at their first meeting held in Fairford Community Centre in June. Cllr Trevor Hing said at the meeting that the people of Fairford should note the day

18th June 2004 – as it was an important day in Fairford’’s history

 Cheese and Wine First Meeting

and, in 25 years time, people will look back and be thankful that the History Society had been formed and important historical artefacts and first hand knowledge of events had been recorded for all time.