Fairford Floods 2007 (1)

90417 CD55 – Fairford Floods 2007 (1). Compiled by Geoff Bishop

100006 CD60 – Fairford Floods 2007 (2). Compiled by Geoff Bishop

On July 20th 2007 torrential rains caused substantial flooding in Fairford. This CD contains three accounts by flood victims, Diana Ewart of East End, Ellis Hoult of Milton Street and Tegid Pugh of East End. Clearing up the initial mess was just the start, none of the people involved realised how long it would take to restore their homes. What a traumatic experience it was, and awesome to think that the same experience was happening at the same time to numerous families in Fairford and throughout the county. CD60 contains accounts by Geoff Bishop, Jennifer Collyer and Stewart Benzie of East End and Geoff Hawkes of Back Lane.

Diane Ewart
Ellis Hoult
Tegid Pugh
Geoff Bishop
Jennifer Collyer
Stewart Benzie
Geoff Hawkes