Liz & Phil Hope, Peter Egerton, Tony Rodgers

60243 CD23

Liz and Phil talks about their early life and childhood (Phil used to live in the George Hotel and Liz at Waiten Hill Farm), the war years and their experiences in the shop in the High St for 20 years.

Liz and Phil Hope

Peter talks about the school and life as a boy during the war, Fairford Carnival and shops in the town.

Tony Rogers talks about his experiences, how he got to England from Poland which includes his terrible experiences in Russia. He trained as a pilot, completed many operations and became an instructor, and flew many types of aircraft. When the war finished he stayed in England and in 1947 joined the RAF. He recounts his post war flying experiences in the Far East, his work at Lucas Aerospace, as liaison officer in Birmingham. In June 1993 he retired to Fairford.

Tony Rodgers