FHS Archive Room

Since 2004 FHS has been collecting information about Fairford’ s history. In 2008 we obtained a designated space in the refurbished Community Centre, which is a room on the top floor front of the building. It was appropriate as the north facing window contains some of the original 18th century glass.

The collection contains anything relating to Fairford’s history, not only books and paperwork but also objects e.g. the Fairford ‘Wane’ brick, a collection box in the form of a WW2 submarine, Fairford mugs, presentation cups, pictures and items collected by June Lewis from Fairford, Manitoba etc. etc.

FHS is always pleased to accept donations, large or small. We have a collection of oral CD memories, unfortunately we have nobody to organise this at the moment. However, we are very ready to accept written memories of Fairford, this is the local history that will be lost in the future. If you would like to talk to someone about your memories so that they can be written down, please contact us.

We always try to help with family history enquiries. All the parish registers, wills and inventories
are online www.ancestry.co.uk, other researchers have deposited their information with us so sometimes we are able help and to put distant relatives in contact with each other.

The FHS Archive Room is open on Monday afternoons 2-4 we are always pleased to see visitors then or please contact FHS by phone or email if that time is not convenient.