‘In War and Peace: Poles Who Came to the West Country’

Pol1‘In War and Peace’  is available from the Anglo-Polish Society, Bristol and the South West. Price £18 with Postage & packing £25



 ‘The book is dedicated to those whose stories will never be told’.

From the Preface

The contributions range in age from over 90 to about 9 years old. The oldest contributors has served in the Polish Army, Air Force and Navy and had fought as allies alongside the British Armed Forces. Several were soldiers in the Home Army (AK) in Poland who took part in the Warsaw uprising and survived German Concentration camps. Some of the men, women and children who had been deported by Russians to Gulags and forced labour camps in Siberia, the Russian Arctic, Kazakhstan and other parts of the USSR, wrote about their struggles to survive and subsequent lives, including in some cases years in India, South Africa and eventually resettlement camps in the UK….

 Recalling was for some contributors painful but many wrote of happy times, friendship and love they found among the British people………..

 These are stories that if not recorded now would be hidden in the mists of history and Lady Danusia Trotman-Dickenson and the Anglo-Polish Society should be congratulated on their endeavours in getting this work in print.

 The book covers stories from Gloucestershire: Babdown, Daglingworth, Fairford, Northwick Park, Southrop, Spring hill Lodge, Stowell Park and Ullenworth. Wiltshire: Keevil, Charlton Park, East Everleigh, Fargo and Grimsditch Camps, near Salisbury and Ttilshead Down Farm Camp. Somerset: Lulsgate Bottom, Dorset: Haydon Park, Devon Honiton, Ilford Park, Cornwall: St Mawgan.

 There are some stories from Fairford camp’s residents and families some of whom later moved to Swindon. There is also the story of how the Fairford Polish Hostel got its plaque thanks to the efforts of Alicja Światek Christofides – what a memorable event that was and FHS was very pleased to be part of it.