The Clergymen of the Church of St Mary the Virgin, Fairford

by Chris Hobson
(FHS Monograph No 7)
Published by Fairford History Society. 2011
Price £5.00

At least 78 named clergymen are known to have preached and conducted services in St Mary’s over the last 700 years. Starting with Ralph Hengham in the late 13th Century, this monograph traces the lives of the vicars and curates who have been resident at Fairford up until 1974. Also included are some clergymen from other parishes, like the famous Kebles, who frequently performed duties at Fairford. In the distant past many of Fairford’s vicars have been pluralists and non-resident; in some cases there is no evidence to suggest that they ever attended services although they received their salary! Yet others, like Christopher Nicholson, who started the parish registers in 1617; Francis William Rice who became Lord Dynevor; and Canon Edward Keble, served the parish long and well. Many of the clergymen had long careers elsewhere in the church, not just in the UK but overseas as well. This monograph records a wealth of biographical detail of men who have been at the very centre of Fairford life for seven centuries.