The Raymond Barkers of Fairford Park

by Chris Hobson
(FHS Monograph No 3)

Published by Fairford History Society, 2007
Price 5.00

The long and complex story of the Barker and Raymond Barker family of Fairford Park is told in this new monograph in some detail. The story starts at the end of the English Civil War when Andrew Barker arrived in Fairford and built his grand new house at Fairford Park. The Barkers and their relations the Farmors and the Micos were intimately involved in the creation of Fairford Free School which later bore the name of Elizabeth Farmor, one of the benefactors. Andrew’s granddaughter Esther married James Lambe and, having no children of her own, passed her estate to her nephew John Raymond thereby founding the Raymond Barker dynasty. In addition to being lords of the manor, major landowners and JPs of Fairford, the family were also very active in county and national affairs and the many of them became prominent in business and commerce as well as the church. The family was not without trial and tribulation which included the occasional violent death and one case of scandal which was discussed in the House of Commons.